My girlfriend has a blog in which she chronicles the life of her very witty and sarcastic children.  Every Monday she does an entry called Mom Day Monday where the kids antics take a back seat and she talks about life in the trenches as a mom.  Today when I read it (yes, it is Tuesday, but I am always late, you should know that now) I thought to myself every day is Mom Day Monday in my life – no cute shenanigans, just lots of gut wrenching decisions that usually involve taking my heart, mind and maybe a few other vital organs and tossing them on the ground for the various people in my life to stomp on, inadvertently usually.

You see I am the mother of two girls (one of whom is 12, yes 12! with her 8 year old sister just a few short years away from the tween years!), I am self-employed as a bookkeeper and consultant to small businesses, and I have a strong, involved family most of whom are either very opinionated (at least I know where I get it from) or emotionally shut down, though there are a few that share both characteristics just to keep it interesting.

But the thing is, I have aspirations.

I have a secret dream to be an author.  Some days all of the above conspire against me and I wonder if I am ever going to make it a reality.

Reading has always been my FAVORITE thing to do.  I love reading, I love the adventure.  I love the break from real life.  As a kid I too lived on the prairie with Laura, I became a super sleuth and wished desperately my parents had named me something cool so I could have a nickname like George, I checked my closet for a hidden panel to a fantastic world and went so many other places and times.

As I got older, I was blessed to be among a family of readers, all of whom swapped books.  My uncle and I hitchhiked through the universe and searched for Joe Merchant across the Caribbean.  My gram and I fell in love with pirates, pilots and knights, swoon!  My dad and I  trailed vampires before they were cool and fought for peace in the universe.  My aunt, well, she did her level best to introduce me to the joy of being scared witless, afraid to move under the covers for fear “they/he/it” would get me (until I spent too many nights waking her up asking to sleep in her bed then she joined Gram and I in our quest for the happily-ever-after.)

Suffice it to say reading has definitely helped me get through some of the less than stellar moments of my life.  And some of the stellar.  And pretty much all of the moments in between.

I read a lot.  I will read just about anything though my preferred genre is romance.  I love a good love story.  It’s like cotton candy, sweet and light and at the end you are satisfied because there is always a happy ending.  I still stay away from horror stories; when I want to be scared, I go into my kids playroom – true horror!  I like espionage and crime as long as the killer is only kind of psychotic.  I am always on the hunt for a good read, which reminds me… I have found so many great reads on the staff recommendations shelf  I would like to take a moment to shout out to my library and local bookstore – thank you!

Reading as voraciously as I do, I have come across some amazing authors whose books I have read time and time again because the stories truly have swept me away.  But I have also read some real clunkers, where each sentence was essentially a speed bump for my brain.  It crossed my mind more than once that I could do better.  But I was busy.  College, marriage, career, travel, kid, second kid, who had time to indulge in some silly idea?

I come from a long line of hard working German people.  We are a serious people.  We work hard, and if you are my dad, if there is an easy way, you scoff at it and pick the hard way – on purpose!  Writing novels, well, that’s not really work, that sounds like something you do in your spare time or on vacation, right?

Well, I have decided to go on vacation.