2013 is drawing to a close and I can’t say I will miss it.  If I could draw a picture of what 2013 felt like it would be a very tangled ball of orange yarn.


Don’t get me wrong, I am very blessed.  There are many, many items in the plus column for 2013, a big one being my realization that the same old thing just isn’t working anymore.  So 2014 is looming all bright and shiny with possibility in my mind.  But having an idea that it has to change and making it change are two very different things.

If this were a commercial we would now cue the inspirational tag line… the infamous “Just Do It” or something equally motivational though in reality, let’s face it, it hardly inspires us to move off the couch.

As I am no longer a 12-year-old girl, I recognize that New Year’s Resolutions are usually a disappointment.  I offer up as proof all the new gym equipment that shows up for New Year’s and is usually hitting the yard sale or Ebay come spring.  Though I like the idea of a starting point, New Year’s is a good one, so is the first day back to school.  But as it is 12/31, let’s work with the former.

Last year, I had one resolution, swear less.  I am genetically programmed, just to be clear, I come from a family that has several trucking businesses so I am working against my DNA, no small feat.  I would say overall I was successful.  Though I did not stop swearing entirely as my 9-year-old likes to point out when I am cursing after whatever minor calamity has pushed me over the edge and she is sitting there all smug and condescending, in her sing-songy little voice, “Mo-omm, you swo-oore.” Which invariably does make me stop, at least saying it out loud, because you know I am thinking, “Damn, smug little bastard” as I go put a quarter in the swear jar.


This year, I am going to work on several resolutions, not that my minor success in the swearing reduction has fueled my fire, in fact, I am more interested in little victories so I plan to change one or two little things.

They say if you don’t write down your goals you are only making wishes.  I like wishes, they are fun, light, float-y things that remind me of Tinkerbell and bubbles and last just about as long.  Goals always strike me as something off in the distance, look to the horizon and you will see goals.  Resolutions sound firm – resolve to do something.  Plus the word solution is in there, want to solve a problem?  You need a solution!

With that in mind, here are my resolutions for 2014, in no particular order…

Sleep more.  Patting myself on the back here, I excel at sleeping.  When I get regular sleep, you know, 8 hours per night regular, I am amazing!  Really!  I am ENERGETIC and CHEERFUL!  I use my time more effectively, which really means I spend less time scrolling through Facebook thinking, “I have so much to do, but just one more minute.”

Open the mail every day and download banking information at least weekly to stay on top of bills.  As funny as it sounds, I am bookkeeper and I hardly every look at my bills or balance my checkbook.  I do everything on-line which has resulted in some missed payments, incorrect billings getting paid and a variety of other issues I would kill a client for having done so I endeavor to be a better personal bookkeeper.

Move every 30 minutes.  I am active, I run 12 – 15 mile every week but I sit all day, working, reading, driving, games and crafts with the kids, it amounts to a lot of sitting time.  All the talk about blood clots in your legs, carpal tunnel, humps for Pete’s sake!! While getting up off my behind may do nothing more than get the blood moving, it will help break up my day, so it’s worth a shot.

Write every day.  This one is no joke.  Writing is the thing that gets done last, if there is time.  And it breaks my heart.  I have these stories in me, and maybe they aren’t great, maybe they aren’t even good, but I want to try.  I don’t want to think “I could’ve been a contender” when I am on my deathbed.

Drink more water.  Well, everybody tells you to and I know I can actually do this one.  It’s like padding the deck with a success, right?

So, I am bidding 2013 adieu – so long knots and scrambled decisions, wasted time and energy.  2014, I’m looking at you and in the immortal words of Train “Maybe this’ll be my year.”

Happy New Year!