Ahh New.  So bright and shiny, and full of promise.

And fear.  Will it really be as good as I think or will this be a massive mistake?  New to me is change.  My life has taken on a routine, a routine that is comfortable in its predictability.  But new is coming and I can’t stop it.

New is my 8th grader.  10 years at the same school, with warm, kind, loving teachers who embrace her uniqueness and support her.  High school will be so NEW!  And exciting, and maybe better, but maybe….  She is my oldest and I make all my mistakes with her.  Please God, help me help her make good decisions.  Let her choice put her on a good path.

New is my book, nearly complete.  So scary, all the hours every morning pouring my heart and soul into a dream.  Am I strong enough if it is not enough?  Dear God, please let it be enough.

New is the idea of moving.  Just an idea, but maybe more.  My youngest talked with me about it the other night.  Leaving those people who have become so dear.  It is the people, not the place, the four walls, but my babies were born here.  Ohhh, so scary.

But it’s coming.  New is coming.  I have to trust.  I have to look for the bright and shiny and stop feeling the fear.  I have to believe that my daughter has had ten years to get ready, and she is ready.  I have to believe that even if she goes astray I will be there to help re-direct her back onto a good path should she diverge.  I have to believe that even if this book isn’t the one, there will be more, because they are all there, bubbling in my brain, each waiting for their turn.  I have to believe that if we move, it will be because it is what is best for us.  And those friends who have become “those friends” will still be those friends.

New is coming, help me embrace it.

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