This past weekend was trick or treat in our town, which I just love.  Seriously, you get to dress up as someone or something completely different from who you really are and people give you candy. How can you beat that? There is a house down the street that REALLY does Halloween right: with a tent you walk through and scary creatures that jump out at you – super fun! We went through early and got to chatting with the owners who told us it is even more scary when its dark. We finished trick or treating but there was still 30 minutes or so left so my youngest and I decided to go back and check it out. It was great! Scary and fun. One of the characters chased us as we left, just to get our blood pumping. We ran and laughed like maniacs ourselves! As we slowed down after running, my daughter slipped her hand in mine as we continued home.  Most of the lights were off so the street was dark.  We just laughed about the night then we took a minute to find the Big Dipper and we held hands. She’s ten and I know the opportunities to hold hands are dwindling. I am so glad we took the time to go back. moon

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