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Joe Fox

Ugh!  I hate deciding!  I think that there are just too many choices.  I am thinking of that scene in “You’ve Got Mail” and Tom Hanks’ character is describing how people choose their coffee – there are so many freaking options!  Seriously, decide what to wear, decide what to have for dinner, decide how to spend your time, decide who to spend your time with, decide what color to paint the cabinets, decide, decide, DECIDE!


The truth is I have learned, the decision is really easy.  Just decide what is right, for right now.  Stop worrying about all the rest.  And seriously, read the above again, how to take my coffee?  With gratitude.  How blessed am I that the decisions I make every day are really so trivial.  They are important to me, but the big decisions, they are easy:  Love. Share.  Kindness.  Gratitude.  Be.

If you start from these places, the rest are just options, they aren’t life altering.  Not for my life.  Thankfully.