Linking up with all the amazing folks for Five Minute Friday, a flash mob of blogging on one word for five minutes.  This week the word is easy.Five-Minute-Friday-4-600x600



Easy to me sounds silly, it’s a fun word, like taking a ride down a slide, “Wheee!  That was easy.”

I don’t think that there are a lot of easy things though, or maybe, once something becomes easy we don’t think about it as often and we forget about it.  That strikes me as a little ungrateful.  God gives us challenges, we overcome them, then dismiss them as having been simple.   Like we aren’t good enough or something.

Wouldn’t the day be better if we stopped once in a while and marveled at all that we accomplish in a day – even the easy things?  Things that weren’t easy as kids, things we had to take time to learn.  Like making a cup of tea.  As a kid, that boiling, whistling tea kettle was a little intimidating.  Now though?  Look!  I made my tea and it’s awesome!  I didn’t burn myself and managed to clean up after myself.  I tell you I never stop to think this.

Or what about tying our shoes?  Do you remember learning to tie your shoes?  I do.  Sitting so intently, concentrating.  What was the next thing?   I can picture my younger self, probably biting my lip, hair hanging in a curtain about my face while I stared at those laces, hanging onto them, praying they wouldn’t escape my grasp.  Remember that moment when you got it?  The elation!  The triumph!  Now, do you ever think about tying your shoes and pat yourself on the back?

Why do we dismiss the easy things?  Why not stop and marvel at all that we do accomplish rather than looking at all we don’t?  God made us to be awesome!  Jesus sacrificed for us so we could be free!  Where is the gratitude?

Today, I am going to be grateful for all the things that are easy and thank God for the challenges because someday they may be easy.