Hey there!

Linking up with Kate Motaung and the great group of Five Minute Friday bloggers!  FMF is basically a flash mob of bloggers writing on one word, for five minutes, no editing, no over thinking it, just write.

This week’s prompt is Expect.


So here goes…

I expect that night will come.

I expect that I will wake tomorrow.

I expect that the sun will shine.

I expect I will weave through my Saturday morning, coffee cup in hand as I wrap up this week and begin to consider next week.

Beyond that I stop expecting.

Because of the way I am made those expectations become plans, and plans become to-do lists.  The to-do lists ride me until I have checked them off.  But checking them off becomes the goal so that I begin a frenzied ride of glancing behind me to see are they done and glancing ahead to make sure I have not missed something.

But they are just glances.  Fractions of a look.  Shards of broken mirrors, not the full picture of myself or anyone around me.

So I must stop.  Stop here.  Just stop.  Breathe.


How about instead of expect we choose accept?  It feels kinder to my soul to accept.  Accept this is now and it is all I have.  This moment.

Expect sometimes means disappointment.  Accept means gratitude.  And grace.

I like that.

And there’s five minutes.